Refund Policy

Dezartisan is committed to making sure you have a great experience, so if you have any questions or issues with your purchase, I would love to hear from you as soon as possible so I can help you resolve the issue.

Additionally, in an effort to provide you easy solutions to common technical issues that may arise with your purchased item(s), we’ve provided some quick resources.

Because the products I offer are digital and cannot be returned, your purchase is only eligible for a refund in the following situations:

  • You purchased two licenses for the same product, I will gladly refund you for the duplicate purchase(s). Just contact us here!
  • There is a technical problem with the product that I cannot resolve after becoming aware of the issue. 
  • The product was misrepresented in the description. I consider an item to be "misrepresented" when the delivered item does not match the described function in the product description, or when an item stated to be included is not delivered. Misrepresentation does not include subjective opinions on the quality or appearance of an item. 
    • For example: An item would be misrepresented if the product description showed a design quote with a dog, but the file contained a design quote with a cat.
  • Note: Products with alleged technical issues will only be eligible for a refund when sufficient information is provided regarding how the error was created. I will provide as much support as possible to assist you with basic technical issues, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser to understand how and which file to use in their software


I am unable to process refunds in the following situations:

  • You (or your client) no longer need the purchased product.
  • You found another product you like better, or you have changed your mind about your purchase.
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the product.
  • You bought an item on accident, and our system shows that the product was downloaded.
  • You feel that the item is of low quality.
  • You got charged for a Free Design that expired or is past its promotional date. 
  • You are having trouble downloading the product because your internet is not fast enough, is not stable, cannot handle a large download, or similar issues related to your internet service. 
  • You claim the item is experiencing a technical issue but are unable or unwilling to provide sufficient evidence for the technical issue. 
  • Your product purchase was made over 30 days ago.

All refunds are at the sole discretion of Dezartisan. 

Please note that I will permanently close accounts from which I have received any chargebacks. Previous purchases will no longer be available for access in this case. Any PayPal disputes will automatically disable your account until the dispute is resolved.

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