Designer and Artisan Strategy

I know that most of you are hobbyist or small business owners. Most will agree that crafting can be expensive as well as time consuming! Most of us just want to upload the design, cut or print and then create without having to do a lot of design manipulation. I know I do! This is why I have created a unique scenario, a "Designer and Artisan strategy".

It's twofold really. On one hand, I have created the "Dezartisan Digital Access" to keep cost for crafters to a minimum.

Secondly, and the most influential, is my creative team! The creative team is essential to my success! My designs are inspired and tested by my Creative Team who then in return share with our crafting community some amazing projects for inspiration!

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Customers love our Digital Access!

So easy to use! Great value! Gorgeous designs! I log into my account and now I see all the original prices ... and my price... $0! Place in my cart, checkout and pay nothing! Best purchase! Recommend ‘Entire Shop Purchase!!

Ruth S.

Love that there are so many designs to choose from! Since purchasing the all access, there have been several svgs added. I highly recommend purchasing! You get everything on the site and anything added the rest of the year! Well worth it. Love the designs, so many options !

Treva I.

I love the designs! I got the all access on sale and I could not be happier! They designs are amazing and the price was even better!

Erika G.

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Meet the Creative Team


Dana has been a seller on Design Bundles for years and has always stayed at the forefront of what is in demand in the Craft Industry. I've always been impressed by Dana's entrepreneurial spirit and ability to overcome challenges. Dana truly cares about her customers and this shines through with over 1000 top reviews on Design Bundles, one the highest amounts on our platform. That truly speaks volumes as to her professionalism and skill in digital design. 

Andy Croft
Co-Founder of Design Bundles