How do I unzip a file on a MAC Computer?

What are “zipped” files and why do you use them?

 Zipped” files are files that are compressed, meaning that several files have been “locked up” together. When you zip a file, this is called compressing them. This is necessary when transferring multiple files, or files that are large in data. This makes the transferring of the files to you much quicker. To gain access to these files you must first “extract” or unzip them to utilize in your cutting software.


Locate the zipped folder you want to extract. The default location is normally in your "Downloads" in your Finder App .  but this can be different for everyone, depending on how you have your computer set up.

To unzip all contents of the folder, just double click on the zipped folder. It will unzip the files for you and put them in a new folder. This folder will be in the same location that you found your zipped folder. 

That's it! It's super simple easy!