Entire Website + 2023 New Releases + Exclusive Designs

What do you get with Dezartisan's Access?

  • Creative and quality SVG designs to download for FREE! Yes! for FREE!
  • Download all 2023 New Release SVG designs including New Release Exclusive SVG Designs!
  • Exclusive SVG Designs only available at Dezartisan.com
  • EXCLUSIVE SVG designs are available to download for free until 12/31/2023.
  • Once Designs & Exclusive Designs are downloaded, they remain on your account forever.
  • Discount will be available for 2024 Digital Download Access.


  • Is this a monthly / annual renewal? No! This isn't a subscription or renewal purchase. Purchase is good for 2023 & earlier Digital Designs.
  • Is this a bundle? No, this is not a bundle download . You get to choose the designs that you want for FREE!
  • What designs will I have "access" to? All SVG | DXF and Sublimation Designs including 2023 New Release Designs
  • Will I have "access" to exclusive designs? Yes! You will be able to download for FREE all exclusive designs UNTIL 12/31/2023.
  • Will I have access to the exclusive "After Dark SVGs"? Yes! You can download for FREE all exclusive "After Dark SVGs" until 12/31/2023
  • Will I have "access" in 2024? You will continue to have "access" to NON-EXCLUSIVE designs published prior to 12/31/2023
  • What if I want the new designs in 2024 or Exclusive Designs? You will have to purchase the "2024 Digital Design Access"
  • How long do I have to download my designs? Take your time! You DO NOT have to download all designs at once.
  • Is Commercial use included? Yes! Small business, commercial use license is included. Please see our TOU or contact me for specific questions.