The Ultimate Craft Show Organizer


Are you struggling to figure out what to fill your shop with for the holidays or do you have a last minute invite as a vendor for a fall craft show? Don't let the feeling of being overwhelmed prevent you from having a successful craft show! "The Ultimate Craft Show Organizer" will help you get from "ideas" to a "final checklist" with everything in between, including a custom order form.

Throughout this week, I will share some tips and resources on how to have a successful craft show. We will discuss Craft Show Displays and set ups, Seller Etiquette, How to deal with rude customers, pricing for a profit, packaging and branding and the final day I will have a PDF with some answer to YOUR questions. Feel free to join our community discussion in my Facebook Group or inbox me or PM me with any questions and I will do my best to give you an answer. I will also have a link to my craft show best sellers to give you some product ideas for your show!

Today, I'm going to share with you "The Ultimate Craft Show Organizer" PDF that I personally use for every craft show season. It helps me to narrow down my offerings, get a handle on cost of goods and selling prices, a final checklist and a custom order form.

The Craft Show Series

  1. The Ultimate Craft Show Organizer
  2. Craft Show Display Set Up Tips
  3. Pricing for Profit 
  4. Craft Show Branding
  5. Craft Show Seller's Etiquette
  6. Craft Show Marketing Resources

Other Helpful Resources: The Ultimate Craft Show Organizer Mood Board Template for Branding


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