My Shameful Disaster Of A Craft Room

Is your craft room in need of a little TLC? ❤️ Can you find any of your 5 pairs of scissors? 🤣 Do you have one of "those" drawers stuffed full of useless items? 😳 Maybe the glitter on your floor is being tracked throughout the house? 😭 Do you still have crafting magazines lying around from 1996? 🤭 If you answered yes to any of these questions, no judgement from me, I can definitely relate! ❤️ How about joining me for a spring cleaning of your craft room? Together we can organize and clean our crafting area creating a space where we can feel at peace and inspired in again! 🥰 I will break down our spring cleaning into daily task that can be accomplished with just a few minutes each day. The task are set up to prevent overwhelm, but also show progress from day to day to encourage follow through. 

Week 1 Craft Room Spring Clean Challenge

This week we are focusing on your crafting table. 

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